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Renee Welsh, CEO, EmbedEmbed
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Renee Welsh, CEO, EmbedEmbed

In 2021, Embed’s technology and sociology predications remain the same: Multi-experience replaces technology-literate people with people-literate technology. Businesses have to adapt to a post-pandemic world and the new mindset of visitors. No one is going to a business they deem unsafe, they need to be reassured with the measures the business owner takes to mitigate risk, which is a demonstration of their commitment to keeping their employees, consumers and community safe.

Consumers are worried about keeping their families COVID-free. They don’t want to touch cash and coins that have been touched by hundreds of strangers (and carry living germs and living virus for days) or wait in lines to make withdrawals or top up their game card.

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. People are expecting a different kind of experience in a post-COVID world (for some businesses it’s accelerated the technology shift from physical to digital experiences; for others, it’s integrating the two). Regardless of which way it goes, there’s no doubt that technology will fuel the transformation and revolutionize the business of fun and the customer journey.

The current crisis is highlighting the universal human need for social interaction and the value of shared experiences with loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues. People want to spend time together on meaningful high-value experiences. It’s never been more important to deliver these experiences for customers and finding innovative ways to meet their needs (safely). This has given birth to “The Low-touchEconomy.”

Every touchpoint, before, during and after a consumer’s visit either makes or breaks the brand and determines if the customer returns. Their experience determines their advocacy (will they tell others about their experience and make a recommendation?). Their personal experience (when posted on social media) turns into a personal recommendation; the images they capture of the time they spent with your business will capture the imagination of others (whether it be their dining experience, roller coaster ride, images and videos that capture the total experience), it literally screams “here’s what I did, imagine what you could do?! And, it was totally safe.”

Embed–the worldwide leader of the integrated cashless business management systems and solutions for Family Entertainment, Amusement and Attractions (including gamecards, kiosks, gamecard readers, cashless payment, business tracking, reporting and management and hygiene defence),  is helping the industry keep their guests safe and happy, so they drive return visits and reoccurring revenue, with solutions such as Embed’s award-winning Mobile Wallet, BOOKINGS and self-service kiosk. Embed enables businesses to “Prosper during a Pandemic.” Here’s how:

Pre-arrival: Convenience at the finger tips, guest can book anytime, anywhere on-the-go. BOOKINGS enables an operator’s staff to track reservations, capacity management and plan accordingly. Hence greater operational efficiency with real time accurate data regarding space reservations and availability. And it is 100% risk-free because all bookings are paid in advance.

Upon-arrival: Embed Mobile Wallet QR Code scan at the entrance allows guests to check-in and check- out seamlessly.

1. Seamless Experience: significantly cutting down crowding at the entrance, enabling guests to check in quickly and have a more enjoyable experience without having to fill out cumbersome forms. No physical dashboards are required to display visitor count. This is especially important at a time like this with physical distancing measures and capacity management regulations.

2. Facilitates COVID Contact-Tracing: If the operator is alerted that a patron who visited their business has tested positive for COVID, the operator is easily able to identify what games the person played at what time, and who played the games afterwards, for tracking and tracing purposes. This is important to ensure the safety of both employees, guests and the community. Consumer perception is everything, they will only go to places they deem as safe and will only visit if they are reassured that the proper measures have been taken.

While playing games: Embed Mobile Wallet allows the guests to reload their virtual game card (that sits in the mobile phone’s mobile wallet) without having to stand in line at the kiosk (social distancing), cashier, or balance check machine. They can increase spend and reduce dwell time by easily topping up (via the mobile phone) without leaving the game. Once again, enabling the guests to have a more enjoyable experience with all safety measures in place. For the operators, it will also mean greater profit, less manpower and fewer hardware costs. Increasing profitability via real-time consumer data that’s accessible to the Operators, who are able to offer upsell/cross-sell bundles via customer loyalty programs to drive return visits (future-proofing the Operator’s business)