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Christopher Justice, President
The ability of technology to provide goods and services in a completely digital, intuitive, and nearly concierge-like environment has transformed the way all industries and sectors view the customer experience. For gaming, this evolution is challenged by an industry that is still heavily reliant upon cash. However, just as other industries are moving toward digital-first, technology-enabled experiences, gaming is now following suit. As operators begin understanding the modern expectation of patrons and analyzing the technology available to them, we are beginning to see a gaming industry fully prepared to facilitate self-service and cashless payments.

Uncovering the Pain Points

Beyond the gaming floor, casino patrons use digital-first technologies to do everything from move funds via P2P and ACH transfers, to order their morning coffee and the week’s groceries, or even pay bills directly from their smartphones. When they shift gears to enjoy their downtime, they are finding a juxtaposition between the modern digital experiences they have grown to rely on in their everyday lives and the dated, 20th century processes of the gaming floor.

How do we as an industry solve this? The answer may lie in the adoption of more system agnostic solutions.

Christopher Justice, president of Global Payments Gaming Solutions notes, “too often, the legacy vendors within casinos lack a true consumer-centric approach and the capabilities of their solutions are limited as a result. By embracing system agnostic solutions, they have the flexibility to implement tools that generate results for all stakeholders, including the operator, consumer, the payment network, and the regulator.”

According to Justice, one of the most significant pain-points preventing modernization is the perceived cost of investment in additional technologies. Many operators have already invested heavily into an IT infrastructure– albeit one with limited capabilities. The reality today is that capabilities like cashless gaming can typically be implemented without substantial upgrades to hardware and software, actually positioning operators to extend the value of the investments they have already made in a way that improves their business.

How Global Payments Gaming Solutions helps

Justice and his team at Global Payments Gaming Solutions recognized this challenge and set out to create a better solution for operators. The result is their VIP suite of solutions, the system agnostic answer that the industry needs.

As a leader in the gaming space, Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ suite of solutions, encompassing VIP Mobility and VIP Financial Center which leverage VIP Preferred, deliver payment solutions to complex environments around the world.

We leverage our expertise to deliver one of the biggest innovations to hit the gaming market in 20 years

“As a part of one of the world’s best payments technology companies, we leverage our expertise to deliver one of the biggest innovations to hit the gaming market in 20 years,” Justice says. “We spent a lot of time up-front looking at the industry rules and regulations in the gaming space as well as the rules and regulations in the payment space. This helped us craft an effective solution that is system agnostic and interoperable with their infrastructure.”

For one of its clients, Downstream Casino Resort, who reopened with limited staff when deemed safe by local authorities, Global Payments Gaming Solutions helped deliver the same services they were providing pre-COVID. The solution provides players with the ability to seamlessly track, manage, and control their spending, digitally. Products such as VIP Mobility allowed players to effectively self-service, including obtain money, play, withdraw money, or send it back to the bank account. It also helped the limited workforce to satisfy more customers. “It was a very rapid installation without a tremendous amount of IT overhead,” says Justice.

Creating a Responsible Gaming Environment

While driving modernization on the casino floor, Global Payments Gaming Solutions also focuses its attention squarely on supporting responsible gaming initiatives to ensure the cashless gaming experience is one in which players participate safely, without creating issues for other guests or the operator.

Global Payments Gaming Solutions’ agile framework is a vital differentiator that helps casinos and other gaming establishments seamlessly bring changes to improve the lives of the casino guests and operators. In the future, providing multitasking abilities to the guests in casino gaming space is an area of focus for the company. “We are integrating the ecosystem to a point where you can set a blackjack table in the casino while placing your sports-bet, and playing an online slot,” Justice says.

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Christopher Justice, President

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